Sure-Lok Safe & Secure Training Program | How To Secure a Wheelchair
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Safe & Secure Training Program


Sure-Lok's Safe & Secure Training Program

For only $25 plus the cost of shipping and handling, you receive the 20 minute instructional video, the complete Leader's Guide with questions and answers, and 12 certificates of completion.

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The Safe & Secure Training Program is a valuable resource for new-hire and refresher training.

The Doing It Right training video is an interactive curriculum, available in DVD and VHS formats, showing both school bus and transit personnel the proper way to secure passengers with special needs and their wheelchairs.

It covers a variety of topics such as:

  • Pre-Trip Assessment
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Component & Assembly Operation
  • Securing the Wheelchair
  • Securing the Occupant
  • System Care and Maintenance

Additional certificates of completion and on-site training and certification are available upon request.

Contact Customer Service for more information.

AL700 Titan Retractor Series Operation DecalDoing It Right Leader's Training Guide

AL700 Titan Retractor Series Operation DecalDoing It Right Training Program Worksheet

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